September Newsletter

The times are calling for an all-in response from people of faith and conscience.

With all that’s been happening – increased targeting and ostracizing of immigrants, ongoing violence against and incarceration of people of color, continuing economic inequality, the deepening climate crisis, the shredding of democratic norms and processes – it’s easy to feel like our UU values and our very collective existence are under an all-out assault. These are not entirely new developments in our history, but they are metastasizing in particularly harmful ways.

Yet as Francis Moore Lappe and Adam Eichen point out in Daring Democracy: Igniting Power, Meaning and Connection for the America We Want, it’s not necessarily the magnitude of these crises that daunts us, but the feeling that we can’t do anything about them.

UUANI is dedicated to building the sense of purpose, connection and power that it takes to deal effectively with the crises that face us, and to providing opportunities to put our values into effective action in the world.

As we work to empower our congregations to go all-in for justice, we invite you to share in this survey where you feel we are being called at this moment in history. What are some actions that we can take to reduce harm and move us towards justice, beloved community and a healthy planet? And perhaps: What are some things we need to stop doing in order to live out our values more effectively?

As we each discern how and where to step up our game, I invite you to step up your support for UUANI. Every little bit helps, and new and increased donations will be matched by the UU Funding Program.

Together we can find meaning.
Together we can grow connections.
Together we can build power.
And together, we can create the world we long for.

Thanks for all you do.


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Listen Lead Share is a series of community conversations about how we get to the green energy economy we need in a way that works for all of us through the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA):


Rev. Scott Aaseng (he/him/his), Executive Director

Unitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of Illinois (UUANI)

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