Vision Statement:

Ensuring that our church home reflects our values.


Values Statement:

These buildings embody our legacy and our aspirations. We invest in them to ensure the continued stewardship of our history, our community, our shared resources, and our planet.


Goal Statement:

In order to ensure our comfort, safety, and future, the Green Home Committee’s goal is to raise $200,000 by December 2016, which would support the replacement and installation of:

  • boilers for both buildings,
  • RE building roof,
  • solar panels,
  • storm windows for the church,
  • air conditioning for both buildings,
  • RE building windows,

and to maintain a building fund for future capital expenses that fall outside of our operating budget.



The Congregation has directed the Green Home Committee to continue researching the types and costs of the above improvements and replacements; to begin raising funds for their purchase; to inform the membership of the progress of its work; to solicit suggestions for additional energy-efficient systems from the membership; and to make recommendations for funding the costs of the desired systems.