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The Theme of December  is Compassion

Compassion is a significant part of our second principal. Compassion comes from two Latin roots: com meaning “together” and pati meaning “to suffer.” It is part of a continuum that begins with sympathy—feeling pity for—and moves to empathy—feeling with. We are born with a disposition toward compassion, but it is a disposition that must be cultivated and deepened.

Dec 8 at 10:30 – Cultivating Compassion:

Each of us is called to bring love and compassion and bravery to the world.  We will examine how we might deepen and cultivate compassion in our lives – and examine the final day of the UU holiday of Chalica.   ~Rev Pam Rumancik


Dec 8th – 4pm Afternoon Gathering:

Join us for a fun evening of food, fellowship & holiday carols at 4:00pm in the church. We’ll decorate for the season, share a delicious vegetarian meal and then sing songs of the season. All welcome – bring a friend or neighbor to share the sounds of the season.


holiday blues windowTuesday, Dec 10th at 7:00pm – Holiday Blues – Service of Solace & Song:

The holiday season can be bright and full of fun, but it can also
intensify feelings ofholidaybluessnowman1 loneliness, loss, grief, anxiety or isolation. We will gather on Tuesday, Dec 10th at 7:00 pm to honor the blues that hit so many of us and to find ways to support one another through the darkest time of the year. There will be a short reception with refreshments following the service.  Invite someone you know who may be feeling blue. We’ll light a candle in the darkness with the light of community. ~Rev Pam Rumancik & Worship Team


Dec 15 at 10:30 – Annual Holiday No-rehearse Pageant:

Become a wise person or an angel – the mother of Jesus or the donkey she rides into Bethlehem. This year we revist the Nativity story – and other holiday stories.  Come. Laugh, act, sing and enjoy a wonderful celebration of the season.  Rev Pam Rumancik & Pam Fodor

     Celebration Singers lead holiday music.



Dec 21 at 7:00pm – Winter Solstice Service:

In the sanctuary



 solstice 19

Dec 22- Holding the Light:

Waking up from the longest night of the year we look ahead to the growing light.  This solstice celebration offers a space of hope and trust that our own light will continue to shine into a wanting world.  ~Rev Pam Rumancik 

 Music by the fabulous Teppema family


Dec 24 – 4:00 pm Christmas Eve Family Service:Illuminated christmas tree at night with falling snow and copy space

Our traditional family service features music by the Celebration Singers and a time to celebrate the timeless message of Christmas.
~Rev Pam Rumancik

5:00 pm Christmas Cookies & Fellowship between services in the Alice Warren Room

Dec 24 – 6:00pm Candlelight Christmas Eve Service:

A quiet service of familiar hymns, poetry and readings. Find a space of calm in the midst of a busy season. Join us to remember the many blessings and reasons for this season. ~Rev Pam Rumancik


Dec 29 – Dave Lloyd



Child Dedication on Christmas Eve:

We have a tradition of welcoming children into the loving care of this church during the peace and beauty of the holiday season.  Meet with Rev Pam and Pam Fodor to find out more and plan your participation. Invite friends and family, celebrate the care that this community has for its tiniest members.



Chalica – a UU Holiday Celebration:

Chalica begins on the first Monday in December and lasts seven days. Each day, a chalice is lit and the day is spent reflecting on the meaning of that day’s principle and doing a good deed that honors that principle. Not all Unitarian Universalists celebrate Chalica, but it has a growing following. There is a Chalica Facebook pageblog, and many Chalica-themed videos on YouTube.  We have Chalica coloring books available for our families at the back of the sanctuary on Sunday.