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Spring Thing Business Donations

The only way we can make our Spring Thing annual fundraising event (formerly Holiday Harvest) a success is if everyone comes (April 8, please save the date) and we have a catalog filled with things to buy.

The best way to get the excitement back is to become engaged in the process and in your community.  I want us to get business donations from organizations we do business with regularly…a warm ask, not a cold call.  Any place you go where they know your name or face, if you ask, nine times out of ten, they will give you a donation. (Honestly, after you receive your first business donation, it’s kind of addicting to see how many you can get…no pressure!)

The Unitarian Church of Hinsdale is your church.  We count on the money raised to fund 10 percent of our annual operating budget.  It’s a big deal and an important commitment for all of us.

On April 8th, we’ll find out if we were able to pool our resources and make the Spring Thing a success.  I believe we can do it; otherwise, I wouldn’t have stepped up to chair and re-imagine this annual fundraising event.  We’re in this together.

I will do anything I can to help each family unit bring in their business and personal donations.  Please reach out if you need help.  The deadline for all donations is March 25, but the sooner the better.

Spring Thing Business Donation Documents:

  • Spring Thing Introduction Letterthis one-page document includes general overview information about the Spring Thing.  It’s great background for anyone and it may give you so background information when talking with potential business donors.
  • Spring Thing Business Donation, Advertising, and Sponsorship Letter–this two-page document outline the three types of donation options…gift certificates, advertising in auction catalog, and sponsorship opportunities. Please leave this with donors for them to keep; it serves as a record of their donation for tax purposes.
  • Business Donation and Advertising Form–to be completed and returned with the gift certificate or check (advertising or sponsorship) to the UCH representative soliciting the donation or to me

We are excited to announce that will be offering auction sponsorship opportunities for the first time.  Sponsorship gives businesses prominent and featured visibility in our online auction, a color ad in the print catalog, and signage throughout our church buildings.  If you have a close relationship with a business and think they’d be a potential sponsor, please contact me and I will provide you with the form.

The groundwork has be laid…now it’s time to get out there and help fill up the auction catalog with business donations!

If asking businesses for donations is scary or uncomfortable for you, I’ll help you.  Honestly, it’s really easy peasy and if you have a good relationship with the business, they rarely say no.

Please don’t forget to pick up some Spring Thing Business Donation forms and letters in the Alice Warren room of on our website and help bring in the donations!