Update; April 16, 2019

Sixteen people met on April 16th to determine the core values needed to guide revitalization work in the church and religious education buildings. Everyone participated in coming up with the following list:
1. Community
2. Authenticity
3. Inspiration
4. Growth
5. Legacy
We then walked the building looking with fresh eyes and using all senses to make notes and what was observed. Participants took those lists home in order to prioritize what they’d seen according to our values list. A new date is being chosen for the second meeting where the various lists will be shared and discussed. This date will be posted in News & Notes when chosen.
The goal of this work is three-fold; ready the church for the celebration of its 150th anniversary in 2020, manifest our shared values through our physical space, and heal some of the damage done in the past.

front door

UCH Values

  1. Community: Welcome, generosity, diversity, democracy, acceptance, safety, accessibility, humor / humility: Compassion / kindness / respect
  1. Authenticity: physical stewardship, living our values, integrity, transparency, service
  1. Inspiration: sermon/message/music/art, beauty, art, creativity
  1. Growth: open-mindedness, Learning
  1. Legacy: history- respecting old & welcoming new, tradition, enduring, vision