The UUA Green Sanctuary Program provides a path for congregational study, reflection, and action for today’s environmental challenges – including climate change and environmental justice.  In 2005, the Unitarian Church of Hinsdale began working towards accreditation under this program, and is proud to have achieved accreditation in 2010.  As a Green Sanctuary, the Unitarian Church of Hinsdale guides the members of the congregation in environmentally healthy practices in their own lives as well as in church facilities, promoting our seventh principle:  “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence.”  The congregation learns about and strives to implement as many green actions as possible, and Earth-centered worship is integrated into both adult and children services.

The Unitarian Church of Hinsdale is a beautiful and historic campus of worship of which we are all proud.  However, our facilities are showing their age, and updating our infrastructure is vital.  Recognizing that global change begins locally, in 2016 the Green Sanctuary Committee helped to spearhead the UCH Green Home initiative.  Under Green Home, UCH’s goal is to update the Sanctuary and RE building, not to current standards, but to tomorrow’s standards.  By installing solar panels, increasing heating efficiency, properly insulating the RE building, and providing air conditioning, we will be living our seventh principle to bring our campus infrastructure into the 21st Century so that future Unitarians may be able to worship here into the 22nd.

In addition to supporting Green Home, the UCH Green Sanctuary promotes the health of our planet and all her inhabitants by focusing on the following four areas:

  • Environmental Justice
  • Worship and Celebration
  • Religious Education
  • Sustainable Living