If the very real inequities are to change, if we are to live fully into our principles upholding the worth and dignity of every person and our belief in the interdependent web of existence, we must change – and change is hard.

The following are a collection of articles, videos, books, and movies that are the first step in seeing beyond the reality that the dominant culture believes is the only reality. We must open our eyes to the totality of what is happening around us in order to find the courage to work for a just society for every single person.

It asks us to change – so that the world might change. But do not fear – we can and will do this work as a covenanted community. You are not alone.

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One concern that is being expressed by many people in vulnerable minorities is that bullies and racists have been emboldened by the rhetoric and behavior of the 45th president. There have been more documented assaults and incidents of racist behavior since Nov 8th.  SURJ – Showing Up for Racial Justice – released the following resources to help all of us show up for one another and and prepare to deflect and repudiate rude and threatening behavior. Each of us, black, white, brown or any shade in between, need to be an ally to one another and look out for every single person. Do your homework and have a plan in place in case you witness someone being verbally assaulted or disrespected. Better to be ready and never have to use your plan that to find yourself wishing you had said or done something after the event has passed.