2019 Summer Service Schedule
Serviced begin at 10:30am

The theme of the month is Mission and Vision

Our congregations are not defined by creed. They are organized around a covenant. Ideally, this has two aspects: the internal covenant that are the promises that we make with each other within the congregation, and the external covenant that represents the promises that a congregation makes with the world. Because we are human, we break these promises, but we also recommit to them.

Nov 3 – North Star or Glowing Coal?: You have to know where you are in order to get where you’re going. What is the guiding principle of UCH? Who are we and where do we go in the future? Your board of trustees has been doing great work around examining these ideas but each person who longs to lead a life of meaning and purpose must find time to examine their own values and guiding principles. ~Rev Pam Rumancik


Nov 10 – Left Behind? White Males in the UUA: After the recent issue of UU World came out someone asked what was going on in the UUA.  Flipping through the magazine you’ll find pictures of women and people of color, but almost no white men.  Are white men being left behind or are all of our roles changing? We are at a particular moment in history, both in our association and in the larger world.  How do we continue to walk together in respect, compassion, and celebration of the gifts each of us brings? What will guide our work together? ~Rev Pam Rumancik


Nov 17 – The Power of We: The tree of life; ancient chairs; a conversation circle, the Detranzine; each of these represents a time and place in the history of this church.  They hold stories of people still here and people who have long since passed.  Our stories can divide or they can call us together, depending on where we place our focus and who is included in our “we”.  What story will we tell of the Unitarian Church of Hinsdale in the next decade? Rev Pam Rumancik


Nov 24  – Gratitude & Grace:  What makes a great meal? Is it the exact combination of flavors and ingredients or does the company make the difference? We count our blessings as a community and take time to appreciate the island of sanity that is our church. This day will feature our annual bread communion so feel free to bring in a favorite recipe or loaf from home. ~Rev Pam Rumancik