2019 April Service Schedule
This Month’s Theme: Salvation / Wholeness

Services are held every Sunday at 10:30

April 14 – What We Learn from Trees:

“I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree.”  There is so much more to a tree than what at first meets the eye.  Recent scientific discoveries are revealing the ways that trees demonstrate a type of intelligence unnoticed until now. What can we learn from these ancient wisdom keepers?  ~Rev Pam Rumancik

April 21 – Everyday Resurrection:

As we honor Passover and Easter this year, let’s look at the ongoing resurrections we experience in our lives. From employment makeovers, to changing homes, from becoming parents to becoming empty-nesters. The work of being human is finding new ways to be ourselves.  ~Rev Pam Rumancik 

April 28 – Climate Conversations:

Green Sanctuary offers an innovative and delightful way to wrestle with the challenges of a changing climate and changing world.  ~Lynn Rotunno, Dave Lloyd & GS Players

May 5 –  Keep Crossing those Bridges:  

We recognize our Age of Reason Rainbow Kids and our graduating seniors as they move from one place in their lives to another. Help celebrate our amazing kids in an annual and delightful service  ~Rev Pam Rumancik & Pam Fodor