2018 March Service Schedule:

The theme of the month is Humility


March 4 – What Do We Know? Confidence is an admired trait, but when does confidence become hubris? People believing they are “right” and refusing to imagine alternate storylines is causing an atmosphere of conflict, distrust and division. How can we live into the world we want to have?  ~Rev Pam Rumancik

Celebration Singers will provide musical accompaniment.


Mar 11 – Skin in the Game: Working for justice can sometimes seem like a matter of giving up what we want and acting entirely for the sake of others. But is there a way of looking at action for justice as something in which we have a stake in what happens – with our own skin in the game? ~Rev Scott Aaseng

Bio: Rev. Scott Aaseng serves as Executive Director of the Unitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of Illinois (UUANI), which is building community across the state to put our UU values into effective action. He has served UU congregations in Oak Park, Quincy, Evanston, and Rockford IL as well as Hobart IN. He lives on the west side of Chicago with his wife and (sometimes) his two college-age daughters.


March 18 –  ~Misha Sanders


March 25 – Theology of Jazz: Musical styles reflect the mindset of the musician. Classical music follows concrete rules while Jazz invokes a conversation with the rules. Does Unitarian Universalism lend itself to a more free-flowing interpretation? What are the rules we are in conversation with?   ~Rev Pam Rumancik

Special music offered by a Jazz quartet.


April 1 – Transformation in Real Time: The Easter event is either historical or mythical depending on your personal belief system. Where do we find real instances of transformation in our world today? Can personal transformation lead to the transformation of the world around us? Is it a necessary part of life? Let’s explore.   ~Rev Pam Rumancik

Celebration Singers will provide musical accompaniment.


Sunday Service Flower Donations
Do you enjoy arranging flowers? If you do, we would appreciate your help! The Sunday Service Flower Committee is seeking volunteers to help arrange flowers for display on Sunday mornings. Please contact the church office to volunteer or find out more!

Volunteers Needed
The Membership Committee is recruiting ushers and greeters for the next church year. Please contact Thom Brackett at tbrackett@whitney-architects.com or call the church office, 630-323-2885. Families Welcome! Ushers and greeter can come in all sizes and ages. All that is required is to wear a smile!

Coffee Volunteers
Being a Coffee Volunteer is a fun, easy way to help out at the church. A minimum of two volunteers per Sunday are needed. You can sign up for one Sunday, multiple Sundays, or one Sunday per month. Contact Tim Dvorak 815-258-2477 [text or call] or email timothydvorak@icloud.com