2018 April Service Schedule:

The theme of the month is Transformation


March 4 – What Do We Know? Confidence is an admired trait, but when does confidence become hubris? People believing they are “right” and refusing to imagine alternate storylines is causing an atmosphere of conflict, distrust and division. How can we live into the world we want to have?  ~Rev Pam Rumancik

Celebration Singers will provide musical accompaniment.


April 8 – Regrets, Dave Has a Few: Dave Lloyd brings his particular lens to the topic of regret. You won’t regret coming to listen!  ~Dave Lloyd

Violinist Edgar Gabriel will be joining Jamie Pastman as a special musical guest.


April 15 – Science & Religion: A Holy Intersection: Continuing earlier discussion of how scientific discoveries have changed our relationship with the universe, we’ll look at cosmologists’ understanding of who and what we are and where we are going next.  ~Rev Pam Rumancik 

Celebration Singers will provide musical accompaniment.


April 22 – Coming of Age Service: Our junior high kids will celebrate the completion of a year of reflection and exploration by sharing their Credo statements with us. How will their beliefs impact our own? ~ Rev Pam Rumancik & Pam Fodor


April 29 – The Sisyphus Effect: There is an old curse that goes: “may you live in interesting times.” How many marches have you attended since last January? How many petitions have you signed? How many phone calls have you made? How can you possibly keep going, and for how long? Haven’t we already fought these battles? How do you find the strength to keep fighting the same battles over and over? ~Guest Preacher Thom Thomas 

Bio: After many years running training programs in the corporate world, Thom Thomas has decided to put his training and experience to work in a different arena, and is currently a Master’s of Divinity student at Meadville Lombard Theological School.  For the past 8 years, Thom has also served as a consultant to the UUA, focused on helping congregations find their vision and live it into reality.  In that capacity, he has created training for individual UU congregations, helping them deal with conflict, develop visions for the future  and guide stewardship efforts. Thom’s ministry is focused on helping Unitarian Universalist congregations live their values into the world.

Celebration Singers will provide musical accompaniment.


May 6 – Green Sanctuary Earth Day Service: Looking at the ways our church serves the earth and remembers our connection with the interdependent web of which we are a part. ~Wacky Green Sanctuary Folks



Sunday Service Flower Donations
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Volunteers Needed
The Membership Committee is recruiting ushers and greeters for the next church year. Please contact Thom Brackett at tbrackett@whitney-architects.com or call the church office, 630-323-2885. Families Welcome! Ushers and greeter can come in all sizes and ages. All that is required is to wear a smile!

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