2019 Summer Service Schedule
Serviced begin at 10:30am

The theme of the month is Covenant

Our congregations are not defined by creed. They are organized around a covenant. Ideally, this has two aspects: the internal covenant that are the promises that we make with each other within the congregation, and the external covenant that represents the promises that a congregation makes with the world. Because we are human, we break these promises, but we also recommit to them.

Sept 9 – We Gather Together   This is our annual ingathering service where we bring our whole selves back after time rejuvenating during the summer.  We celebrate with a water communion ceremony where folks bring water from places that have meaning for them.  Sometimes its water from your tap, your bird bath, your back yard. Sometimes its water from a trip or the home of a loved one.  What does the water you share say about who you want to be in the world?  We will purify this gathered water and use it for ritual and child dedications during the coming church year. ~Rev Pam


Sept 16 – Creating Beloved Community: The theme of the coming church year will be Beloved Community, based on the phrase used often by Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. An important element of this community is the ability to feel safe and at home while also stretching to be our best selves.  As we work toward adopting a church covenant, we’ll explore creating a space which answers the call of our hearts. ~Rev Pam Rumancik 


Sept 23 – What’s it Mean to be Human? Are we meaning-makers as Viktor Frankl claimed or is there more to our existence? Inventors, thinkers, creators, destroyer? Storytellers? Jumping off from the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, we’ll explore what it takes to be human in this day and age.  ~Rev Pam Rumancik


Sept 29 – Beginning Again in Love :  As Rosh Hashana and the Jewish high holidays approach we take a moment to reflect on our lives over the past year. What does it mean that none of the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism offer a place of forgiveness? How do we reconnect when we have missed the mark and not lived into our best selves? ~Rev Pam Rumancik