2019 January Service Schedule
This Month’s Theme: Grace

Services are held every Sunday at 10:30

Jan 6 – Filled with Grace:

We can be grace-filled or graceless, astounded by grace or distrustful of its meaning.  Grace can mean many things to many people. What does it mean to you? Where do we recognize grace? Can we trust it? ~Rev Pam Rumancik

Jan 13- Called to a New World – Exploring our proposed 8th principle:

At the 2018 General Assembly a proposal to add an 8th principle met middling success. A number of congregations have adopted this additional bit of guidance, while others feel the sentiment is captured by the original seven.  We will explore the intention and the ideals of this new call for justice. ~Rev Pam Rumancik 


Jan 20 – Grace Under Pressure:

Steve Trout joins Rev Pam in exploring what grace under pressure has looked like in leaders around the world.  How do some people step into history and go blithely where angels fear to tread? What can we learn from them? ~ Rev Pam Rumancik

Celebration Singers grace us with their lovely sound.


Jan 27 – A Study of Our 16th President – Abraham Lincoln:

Over one hundred and fifty years since his assassination, Abraham Lincoln remains an important president in our American history. He has been called, “The Great Emancipator”, as well as a racist; a stalwart for democratic values and a tyrant; a folk hero storyteller and a poet.  Where is the line drawn between the truths and the myths about this complicated man?  How did he become Lincoln?  Come to hear stories you may not have heard before, and….you may wear a stovepipe hat if you wish ~ Anita Jencks