DuPage UU Church

is hosting a Theological Seminar titled God, Process, and Politics.  The following two theologians will be presenting:

Karen Bray (Ph.D., Drew University) is an Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Wesleyan College and a candidate for Unitarian Universalist minister. She is interested in how secular institutions and cultures behave theologically. Her work has been published in various academic journals

Hollis Phelps (Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University) is Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Mercer University. He is the author of Alain Badiou: Between Theology and Anti-Theology and co-editor of Beyond Superlatives: Regenerating Whitehead’s Philosophy of Experience and Religion and European Philosophy.

They will explore the following ideas:
Western thought and political actions once rested on a three-tiered universe: God above, humans on earth, and spirits in the underworld. That universe has been replaced with string theory, quantum leaps, and relativity. We need new language about God consistent with our universe. We need to reconsider how God is used in political discourse. Can process theology help this discussion?

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