Program Circles

There are seven program circles that hold each of the active committees of the church. Each circle has a volunteer Circle Coordinator who works with and supports the committee chairs. These Circle Coordinators report to and are supported by a paid staff member.



Stewardship-Ron Solberg

The Stewardship Circle holds the finance committee, fundraising committee, and the pledge drive and supports the treasurer. For further information about this circle, please contact Ron Solberg at


Worship-Kathy Salzano

The Worship circle holds Sunday services, worship arts, flowers, lay worship, and music. The worship circle is always looking for volunteers for lay lead services and worship leaders, please contact Kathy at for more information.


Communications-Paula Sejut-Dvorak

The Communication Circle holds the Touchstone, News and Notes, promotions, media releases, CAUUC, denominational relations, and announcements. Please contact Paula for more information at


House and Garden-Judy Jeske

The House and Garden Circle holds buildings, grounds, gardens, and use of space. For more information please contact Judy at


Growth and Learning- Jessica Friess

The Growth and Learning Circle holds children’s RE, Youth RE, adult RE and programs, Spirituality on Tap, and the Non- Fiction Book club. For more information contact Jessica at









Social Responsibility-Dave Lloyd

The Social Responsibility Circle holds the Social Action Committee, Green Sanctuary Committee, Animal Ministry, and Welcoming Congregation. For more information please contact Dave at


 deb_board_2012Community-Deborah Stillman

The Community Circle holds the Membership Committee, Caring Circle, Care Shawl Ministry, Coffee/hospitality, ushers and greeters, and Woman’s Alliance. Please contact Deborah at

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